Institute for the Study of the Crown In Canada at Massey College
4 Devonshire Place, Toronto   ON  M5S 2E1       


  • To enhance understanding of Canada’s federal and provincial constitutional arrangements and, in particular, the role of the Crown. 

  • To broaden knowledge of the constitutional role of the Crown; the impartial head-of-state functions performed by the sovereign, the governor general, and the lieutenant governors; and Canada’s honours and symbols of authority. 

  • To contribute to the legacy of Vincent Massey, Canada’s first native-born Governor General and founder of Massey College.

This we achieve by…

  • Holding periodic conferences, as in Ottawa (2010), Regina (2012), Victoria (2016), and Toronto (planned for June 2019).

  • Publishing books and articles, in print and online.

  • Providing resources for media comment and for general and scholarly study of the Crown.

Vincent Massey