The Institute for the Study of the Crown in Canada at Massey College -L’Institut d’études sur la Couronne au Canada à Massey College, originated in the “Friends of the Canadian Crown.” Formed in 2005, this was an informal network of people from a variety of backgrounds interested in promoting knowledge and understanding of the institution of constitutional monarchy in Canada.

To enhance understanding of Canada’s federal and provincial constitutional arrangements and, in particular, the role of the Crown.

The Institute is based at the graduate college founded at the University of Toronto in 1963 by the first Canadian-born governor general, the Right Honourable Vincent Massey. In 2017, Massey College strengthened its links with the Crown when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II approved the designation of its St. Catherine’s Chapel as the third Chapel Royal in the country and the first-ever interdenominational one. This chapel, symbolizing reconciliation, is allied to the Mississauga at New Credit First Nation. 

Since 2005 the Institute has held three conferences and published four books, bringing together experts and practitioners for discussion and debate. 

The Institute commissions studies and papers dealing with the constitutional, historic and institutional reality of the Crown in Canada.  It seeks alliances, associations or liaison status with vice-regal offices in the country; appropriate public policy and governance institutes; Indigenous organizations; both academic and general publishers; and parallel institutions in other countries with similar constitutional arrangements. And finally, the Institute is a resource for further academic studies in this area, as well as making available recognized scholars and other spokespersons in the field of the constitutional Crown. 

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Institute for the Study of the Crown In Canada at Massey College
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